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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Women in Brazil are very well known for having rounded and robust assets. While it does come natural for many of them, Brazilian women are the biggest worldwide users of butt enhancement procedures such as butt implants. Although butt implants have been a good alternative for a flat butt in the past, there is now an all-natural augmentation procedure called the “The Brazilian Butt Lift” that gives you a shapelier, youthful perkier backside.

While it may have an exotic name, Brazilian butt lift is gaining popularity with people everywhere. The procedure consists of transferring fat from another area of the body such as the back, abdomen, hips, and or thighs to the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift enhances the size and shape of a patient’s butt so that it better fits his or her figure and provides an attractive, prominent rear end.

In order to perform Brazilian butt lift surgery, fat from other areas of the body such as the back, abdomen, hips, and or thighs is removed through liposuction. Patients really benefit from this step because the surgeon does not simply suck fat out, but rather, sculpts the donor areas.

Fat Grafting for Brazilian Butt Lift

With the traditional fat grafting method, the fat is centrifuged following the liposuction in order to get the best tissue only. The fat is then carefully and precisely injected into the buttocks at various depths for a natural look and feel. Fat transferred to the buttocks retains very well compared to other parts of the body because of the vast vascularization (blood supply) that exist in that area. The final result is a rounder, fuller behind. A Brazilian butt lift is a safe form of plastic surgery that has the added benefit of using a patient’s own tissue.

Thigh Lift

Naturally and safely augment your buttocks.

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