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Thank you so much for visiting! We appreciate your interest in our services. Every patient matters to us. As physicians we chose to specialize in cosmetic surgery because we are passionate about helping our patients take control of their reflections in the mirror and enhance their self-confidence. We are honored to be part of that transformative process.

Whether you’re here to explore elective-procedure options or for medical necessity, we know this decision is significant. We recognize and value the profound trust our patients need to share their vulnerabilities and allow us to change their physical appearance.

We encourage you to find out what makes Ciao Bella different, see results from our patients, and schedule a complimentary consultation. We’d love the opportunity to meet you and be a part of your story.

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Message from Dr. Zavala

Dr. Zavala

I opened Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery in 2007 with the specific goal of providing world class cosmetic surgery services to the wonderful people who call Arizona home. I wanted to offer the latest minimally invasive procedures and cosmetic surgery techniques that were normally only available at the best cosmetic centers around the world.

I am proud of what Ciao Bella has accomplished through the years. We have helped thousands of patients in the greater Phoenix metro area, statewide, nationwide, and around the world. I am humbled by how far patients have traveled to receive care at Ciao Bella.

I believe the more great minds the better. We take a collaborative approach to determine the best treatment path for each and every patient. That means at Ciao Bella you’re getting the combined expertise of every doctor on staff. This coordinated treatment effort has enabled us to accomplish exceptional results for our patients and unprecedented success as a practice.

At your first consultation we will sit eye-to-eye with you, carefully listen to all of your concerns and desires, and analyze your best options with you. We tailor your initial visit and our approach to treatment to your unique needs.

We strive to be the very best at what we do. To be compassionate, accessible, attentive, fair and honest with our patients. It would be our honor and pleasure to care for you.

Dr. Zavala