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Natural Breast Augmentation

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About Natural Breast Augmentation

For years, women have asked cosmetic surgeons, “Can you take some fat from down there and put it up here?”…Well now, the answer is YES!

Today, fat transfers can be used to augment many areas of the body, including the breast, buttocks, face, hands, etc.

The real beauty of this new and exciting procedure is that the materials used to augment the desired body part are your own fat cells. This makes the procedure unquestionably biocompatible and non-allergenic. If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, but are not quite comfortable with having a non-natural substance implanted into the body, you may want to look into the benefits of  Natural Breast Augmentation.

This great new alternative to breast implants lets women enhance the appearance of their breasts in a much more natural way. The concerns that came with saline or silicone implants such as rippling or rupture have been addressed with this new technique. Also, the risk of scarring is minimal since fat cells are implanted through tiny incisions.

Best Candidates for Natural Breast Augmentation

The ideal candidate for this procedure is ladies with desire to increase their bust size 1 to 2 cup sizes and ladies who have lost volume due to pregnancy and breast feeding and would like to restore volume and shape to their breast.

If you are interested in this exciting new procedure, call us for a consultation to discuss with our surgeons if you are a good candidate for Natural Breast Augmentation.

How is this procedure performed?

The fat cells are typically removed from the buttocks, abdomen or thighs using liposuction. This step in the procedure can be very beneficial to the patient because the body part used to harvest the fat will also be sculpted thus creating a slimmer appearance in that area. The harvested fat is then centrifuged and prepared to be carefully injected into the breast to enhance the size and shape of the breast. The results are 100% natural and long lasting.


Best Natural Breast Augmentation Procedure

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