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Unhappy with Your Calf Size? See How Augmentation Can Help!

Unhappy with Your Calf Size? See How Augmentation Can Help!

Published onOctober 29, 2013 by Edgardo Zavala-Alarcon

Dissatisfaction with the look of your calves may stem from disease, injury, or a natural predisposition toward a smaller lower leg. A calf augmentation procedure enhances the look and size of the calf muscles, improving the balance and proportion of your legs. This short procedure offers minimal downtime and can even reduce the appearance of stubborn fat on other parts of your body.

How Calf Augmentation Works
Calf augmentation uses a fat graft to increase the size of the calf muscles. Fat is removed from another part of your body and injected directly into the calf muscle with long, sweeping strokes. This processing creates a cell-enriched fat graft that integrates quickly with the tissue for a natural-looking and long-lasting result. Calf augmentation can be used to sculpt the entire calf or only certain areas, such as the inner or outer calf, to achieve exactly the lower leg appearance you want.

Benefits of Calf Augmentation
A calf augmentation fills out the lower legs to create improved balance in your figure. If you have naturally small calf muscles that do not respond well to strengthening exercises, calf augmentation offers instantaneous and natural results. Augmentation can also correct the appearance of injured tissues or congenital defects. Cell-enriched fat grafts have a low probability of absorption over time and often promote rejuvenation of the skin surrounding the graft site. Because your own fat is removed for use in the graft, you will experience an improved appearance of the donor site as well. The calf augmentation procedure requires very little initial downtime of only 12-14 hours of bed rest and three to five weeks wearing a compression garment.

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