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Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ

Cellulite creates an unsightly bumpy or dimpled appearance on the skin. Many people describe cellulite as looking like cottage cheese. Though cellulite is most commonly experienced in middle age, it can develop much earlier in life. Cellulite develops due problems in the body in how the skin attaches to the underlying layer of fat. Cellulite generally does not cause any physical discomfort or medical problems but its appearance can be stressful and make a person become self-conscious.

There are a number of factors that make a person more likely to develop cellulite including genetics. In addition, women are more likely than men to have cellulite. Those who eat an unhealthy diet, wear tight clothes and smoke are also more susceptible to developing cellulite. However, regardless of the reason for cellulite, there are treatment options to eliminate or minimize cellulite.

Laser treatment can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite. Laser treatment works by melting the upper levels of the fat layers under the skin. Laser treatment softens the appearance of cellulite by smoothing out the area where the skin meets the underlying fat. Freezing fat cells is another option. In addition to improving the shape of the body, freezing will kill fat cells which may result in smoother skin. Another treatment option is subcision. Subscision is a treatment that uses small surgical tools to cut the connecting tissue that creates cellulite. Though it sounds serious, subscision is a relatively minor procedure that can be done on an outpatient basis. Ultrasonic waves and massage can also be used to loosen the connecting tissue that causes cellulite.

In addition to cellulite treatment in Phoenix Arizona, eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and regularly exercising will help a person to look better and avoid the recurrence of cellulite. Weight training can also be beneficial as building muscle will help compress the fat layer into the skin. Those who have cellulite do not have to live with the condition. There are things that can be done both in and out of our plastic surgeons office in Scottsdale and Phoenix to lessen the effect of cellulite on a person’s body

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