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Post Pregnancy and Post Weight-Loss Body Changes

Statistics show that when it comes to plastic surgery phoenix patients reflect the national trend of seeking cosmetic surgery to repair the loose skin and loss of muscle tone that frequently occurs after pregnancy or a dramatic weight loss. Post pregnancy mommy makeovers and body contouring after extreme weight loss are two of the most commonly requested procedures by patients seeking plastic surgery Scottsdale area and throughout Arizona.

Common cosmetic procedures

Procedures like breast augmentation, breast lifts and even breast reduction help to return a woman’s breasts to a fuller, firmer, more aesthetically pleasing shape. For some women, just lifting the breasts and removing excess skin are all they need to regain youthful looking breasts. Others may benefit from augmentation or breast implants to fill out the breasts to a more natural shape.

Breast reduction is another way to lift and firm breasts. By removing excess fat and glandular tissue, the patient can achieve breasts that are sized proportionately to their body and eliminate issues associated with overly large breasts like backaches and shoulder pain.

Mini or full tummy tucks

Abdominoplasty or a “tummy tuck” sculpts the abdominal area by removing excess, flabby skin and leaves the patient with a flatter, firmer abdomen. Whether one chooses a full or a mini tummy tuck, the procedure is similar.

Loose, flabby skin is removed and abdominal muscles are tightened for a smooth, flat abdominal area. By tightening the lower abdominal skin, many stretch marks may also be removed as an added bonus.

If the patient has loose skin in the lower abdominal area only, a mini tummy tuck is usually adequate to restore a flat abdomen and tight tummy. This surgery is least invasive and leaves the smallest scar.

After massive weight loss, tummy tuck surgery may include either a circumferential abdominoplasty that extends around the back of the patient or a T-shaped “Fleur-de-lis” abdominoplasty.


In some cases, the plastic surgeon may suggest the addition of liposuction as a way to further smooth and sculpt the abdominal area for optimal results and patient satisfaction. Liposuction removes stubborn pockets of fat that aren’t reduced by exercise or diet.

Small incisions are made in the abdominal area to allow for the insertion of a cannula to dislodge the fat pockets. Once loosened, the fat is suctioned out of the cannula and discarded.

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