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Thinking About Getting a Nose Job or Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale? Everything you Should Know

The nose is the most prominent of the facial features, and a nose that the person feels is too large, small or unattractive can cause such self-consciousness that they may avoid social or even business situations. Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery modifies the cartilage and bones inside of the nose and gives it a shape and size that is more symmetrical and pleasing.

Preparation for Rhinoplasty
First, the patient has a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. The doctor takes the patient’s medical history and asks them what they want the surgery to do for them. The doctor also makes sure that the patient is a good candidate for the surgery. A good candidate is over 13 years old and is in good physical and mental health.

Types of Rhinoplasty
The are two basic types of rhinoplasty:

In the closed procedure, the plastic surgeon makes small incisions inside the patient’s nose. They use these incisions to remove and rearrange bone and cartilage to achieve the nose the patient wants. The closed procedure leaves no external scars.

In the open procedure, the doctor makes an incision across the strip of tissue between the patient’s nostrils, or the columella. The tissues of the nose are then raised, and the doctor has access to the bone and cartilage.

Rhinoplasty is generally an outpatient procedure. The patient is placed under general anesthesia, and the surgery lasts between one and two hours.

During their recovery from rhinoplasty the patient should:

• Place ice packs on the nose to relieve any discomfort. They should do this in 10 to 30 minute sessions four to eight times a day during the first two days after surgery. Ice should never be placed directly on the patient’s nose.

After the first two days, the patient can soothe their nose with a heating pad.

• Sleep with the head elevated. A pile of pillows is good for this.
• The patient should refrain from blowing their nose for the first week post-surgery. The nose shouldn’t be blown forcefully for at least a month afterward.
• Avoid vigorous exercise for three weeks, though some people can go back to the gym for gentle exercise after about two weeks. The patient usually goes back to work within seven to 10 days.

The great majority of patients are very pleased with their nose surgery. It makes them feel both attractive and confident.

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