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Things to Know: Recovering From a Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that makes it possible for women to get larger and firmer breasts. There are various motivations an individual would want to get a breast enlargement. They include reshaping the breasts after birth, enlarging naturally small breasts, restoring breasts after surgery, and fixing asymmetrical breasts. The impacts of breast enlargement are not only physical but physiological as well. Having small breasts or losing them from cancer treatment can do a number on the self-esteem of a woman. Feelings of self-worth and attractiveness make up a huge part of an individual’s esteem, and those are restored with breast enlargement. It is the reason mommy makeovers are very popular. Learning about what happens after getting the procedure is very crucial. You should know the care necessary for full recovery.


Immediately After


Recovery time can take about six weeks, depending on how well you follow the doctor’s advice. If a patient goes home immediately after surgery, then it is not advisable to drive due to the residual effects of anesthesia. A plastic surgery Scottsdale surgeon will instruct a patient not to get involved in rigorous activities such as lifting heavy objects. Breast scars should not get exposed to direct sunlight for at least a year.


Managing Pain and Discomfort


Mostly, recovery after cosmetic surgery is about controlling the pain and discomfort. A doctor will prescribe pain medication that you must take religiously. Failure to manage pain properly in the first stages of recovery may prolong the process. The degree of pain and discomfort is dependent on many variables such as the size of implants, the placement positions, and type of augmentation. For some women, sleeping may prove a bit uncomfortable for the first few weeks.


A patient should also engage in post-operative exercises that a plastic surgery Phoenix professional may recommend. The point is to reduce the pain around the breast and minimize the discomfort. Specific exercises such as breast massage and flexing workouts achieve this, which is why you should stick to the recommendations from your doctor. Besides workouts, a plastic surgeon will instruct you to wear a sports bra, perhaps throughout the recovery period to provide adequate support for the breasts.




A patient will need to follow up if a doctor used non-dissolvable sutures. Your plastic surgeon will inform you when that is, but usually, it is after a week or two. Before leaving the hospital, you should receive instructions on the best care of your breasts after the procedure. A doctor can also advise you on when to get back to work and other regular duties.


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