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The Brazilian Butt Lift: 5 Fast Facts About Gluteal Augmentation

If you follow pop culture, there’s no doubt that you have heard of the Brazilian butt lift by now. This amazing procedure, also known as a gluteal augmentation or buttocks augmentation, gives women with even the least defined buttocks a gorgeously round and full derriere.

Perhaps you dream of enhancing the size of your butt but you don’t quite understand the procedure or you have heard rumors about it that turn you off. That’s why we are here to explain some basic facts about the Brazilian butt lift.

#1. The Brazilian Butt Lift Uses Your Own Fat

When we hear the word “augmentation,” some of us may think of breast augmentation surgery that uses silicone or saline-based implants. What makes the Brazilian butt lift unique is that what is implanted into buttocks tissue is your own fat.

The process is fairly simple. Fat is removed from certain areas of the body through a liposuction procedure. Then, the fat is injected into the tissue beneath the skin of your buttocks.

#2. The Brazilian Butt Lift is More Popular Than You Think

While many women may never admit that they have undergone a buttocks augmentation procedure, it’s a much more common procedure than you may think. In 2013, almost 12,000 women received a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

#3. Almost Anyone is a Good Candidate for Buttocks Augmentation

Because this procedure is safe, almost any women can receive a Brazilian butt lift procedure. All that is required is that you have an adequate amount of fat on your body that can be removed via liposuction in order to transfer it into buttocks tissue. As long as you are generally healthy, buttocks augmentation poses no major threat to your health.

#4. You Can Go Home on the Same Day as Your Procedure

When we think of cosmetic surgery procedures, many of us think of spending a week in the hospital while recovering slowly and painfully. However, that’s simply not the case these days. Modern technological advancements have allowed cosmetic surgery procedures to become quicker and less painful than ever.

Many patients who receive a Brazilian butt lift procedure can go home hours after the procedure is completed. Because incisions will be made during your liposuction, you will need to wear a special bandage around this area for up to four weeks following your procedure in order to avoid infection. Some minor swelling and bruising around the area may occur and last for up to a week, but discomfort and pain is minimal overall.

#5. It’s a Permanent Solution

Unlike other cosmetic procedures like Botox and lip enhancements, buttocks augmentation offers permanent results. As you lose and gain weight, the size of your butt may decrease and increase as well. However, once you have received your treatment you will not be required to commit to regular follow-up procedures.


As you can see, the Brazilian butt lift is a completely safe and amazingly effective procedure. If you’re tired of having a flat or asymmetrical derriere, schedule a consultation to learn more about this new, highly popular treatment option.

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