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Should You Get a Tummy Tuck Or Breast Augmentation?

If you’re looking to have a mommy makeover, you’re probably wondering if you should get a Tummy tuck, Breast augmentation, or both. Plastic surgery can help you achieve these goals and improve your self-confidence, too. Here are some things to keep in mind before you go under the knife:

Breast reduction

The risks of undergoing a mommy makeover are similar to those of other major surgeries. The risks include infection, fluid formation, and bleeding, but they vary from woman to woman and surgeon to surgeon. The results of this surgery are not permanent, and a woman can experience new sagging or drooping of the breasts if she becomes pregnant again. In order to get the best results from the procedure, the patient should be in good health at the time of surgery. She should also be free of any medical conditions that could interfere with the procedure.

Tummy tuck

After having a child, your body will undergo a lot of changes. Although your breasts and body may be smaller after childbirth, your skin will be stretched out as well and might need a tummy tuck. You may notice stretch marks and extra skin, and the change can cause you to lose your self-esteem. Getting a mommy makeover is a great way to reverse these changes. You will be amazed at how your body will change after having children.

Breast augmentation

The recovery time for a mommy makeover procedure depends on how extensive your surgery is and how long it took you to recover from the operation. You can expect to return home the same day, though some women may need to stay in the hospital overnight. Compression garments may be worn after surgery to reduce swelling and provide comfort during the recovery period. After your mommy makeover surgery, swelling and bruising are normal. Your plastic surgeon may prescribe medication to ease the pain during the first week.

Breast lift

The risks associated with a breast lift for mommy makeover are similar to other major operations. These include swelling, infection, blood clots, and fluid formation. Depending on the surgeon, these risks may be less or more pronounced. The results may be temporary and the patient may need to wear compression garments. These garments will help reduce swelling and provide comfort during the recovery process. Following your mommy makeover, you will notice changes to your breasts. It may take up to a year for the final result to be fully visible.

Stretch mark removal

A mommy makeover can sometimes be beneficial for stretch mark removal. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and can help to minimize stretch marks. But a mommy makeover is not a surefire solution for stretch marks. While the doctor can help to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, she cannot remove the underlying cause of these marks. That’s why it is so important to discuss your concerns with a plastic surgeon before getting a mommy makeover.

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