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SmartXide Dot Laser Treatment looks like Mini-Facelift

Take ten years off in ten minutes with the the SmartXide CO2 Laser system, a Dermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT) scanner with infinite delivery options to customize every treatment to the client’s needs. This laser dominates all competition by naturally tightening the skin and increasing collagen production. These all result in a mini-facelift look without going under the knife.

Smartxide treats fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation(darkened skin spots), enlarged pores, and acne scars while improving the skin’s elasticity and increasing collagen production. The thing that makes this treatment the latest and greatest in cosmetic laser technology is little downtime. The SmartXide is a less painful, faster healing facial laser treatment that provides optimal results in as little as one thirty-minute treatment.

The SmartXide Dot Laser is a great solution for people who do not want to go under the knife but want the results of a facelift. The laser can treat all areas of the face, even around the eyes which leaves many clients happy and their eyes lifted. There is no other laser available that can provide this treatment.

One can expect minimal discomfort, if any, during the procedure, and no numbing agent is required. This is partly due to the ability of the technician to adjust the strength according to the area treated. The SmartXide Dot is extremely delicate making it one of the few lasers available to treat the neck, hands, and decolletage. Sun damage to these areas is the biggest giveaway of a person’s age and needs to be treated along with the face for optimal results.

Post-treatment the client can expect some pinkness and a small amount of swelling that settles within 48 hours. This, of course, depends on the intensity of the treatment and on the individual’s skin. Many clients say that one Smartxide Dot treatment surpasses any other microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or laser treatment they have had prior.

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