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How Fillers Equal Fabulous Facial Contouring

Most of us are unhappy with at least one issue that concerns our face. Maybe for you, it’s a bump on your nose. For someone else, it could be their thin upper lip, and for others, it’s sagging skin, deflated cheeks or even facial asymmetry.

Whatever little imperfection bugs you, just know there is a dermal filler to solve it.

That’s right; these incredible injectables are quick, safe and long-lasting. Dermal fillers are the modern way you can maintain an ageless appearance and self-confidence in today’s competitive world. Best of all, you can see the dramatic transformation right in-office.

When our faces begin to age, collagen production greatly diminishes, and our firm facial contours begin to lose their strong support structure. Sagging and wrinkles begin to define our features, and any sun damage acquired in those earlier years also starts to take its toll.

It can be frustrating to look in the mirror daily and know you’re following a healthy, active lifestyle but still appear older.

That’s why dermal fillers have become extremely popular for younger and older adults. These versatile injectables can deliver superb facial contouring in minutes and allow you to get back to your regular schedule.

There’s no anesthesia or cutting of the skin or long recovery time. The results are temporary, so you don’t have to enter into a permanent commitment.

Dermal fillers are the modern way to stay ahead of the beauty game. These injections plump and lift your facial contours for a naturally sculpted appearance. Your cheekbones and temples can look fuller and higher. Your jawline can also be non-surgically defined. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West admits to late-night visits from her cosmetic dermatologist for this specific enhancement.

Your nose can be contoured to look straighter and “bump-less” with an expert filler injection. Your lips can be sculpted into a fuller, voluptuous shape, and wrinkles can be softened with filler.

There are several filler types available, and our plastic surgeon in Scottsdale and Phoenix can determine the proper filler for you.

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