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Cellulite Treatment Options in Scottsdale

Women all around the world feel self-conscious about cellulite on body parts such as their thighs and rear ends. There’s a good chance you’re one of them, too. Cellulite can appear on bodies of all ages. It can appear on women who haven’t given birth. It can appear on thin bodies, curvy bodies and so on and so forth. That’s exactly why it’s so frustrating. If you have conspicuously dimpled flesh on your stomach, thighs, rear end or hips, however, it’s far from the end of the world. You can do something about it.


If you’re searching for plastic surgery Scottsdale, Arizona residents can believe in, Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic may be able to accommodate you. If you’re looking for plastic surgery in Phoenix, you should reach out to our cosmetic surgeons, too. Ciao Bella is an excellent practice for people who are interested in effective mommy makeovers of all varieties. It offers a broad range of cosmetic surgery options to clients. Breast augmentation is just one example.


Some women experience worsened cellulite during pregnancy. If you’re concerned that your cellulite may have become more noticeable than before, cellulite treatment at Ciao Bella may be a good choice for you. Our practice offers patients a variety of different cellulite treatment options. These include ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency, Venus Freeze (MP)², tumescent liposuction (with either laser or ultrasound assistance) and subcutaneous diode laser treatment. You can call Ciao Bella to set up a consultation to figure out which laser treatment option may be most appropriate for you and for your preferences. Ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency, for example, can be a good treatment for patients who are serious about body contouring.


Venus Freeze (MP)² is becoming more and more popular among people who want to get rid of cellulite. It’s a non-surgical treatment that also happens to be non-invasive. It doesn’t hurt at all, either. If you want to get rid of pesky cellulite and enjoy skin that feels a lot firmer and more resilient, Venus Freeze (MP)² may be exactly what you need. Venus Freeze (MP)² can make a swift treatment option for people who want to say goodbye to lumpy skin. Since Venus Freeze (MP)² is painless, it doesn’t call for the assistance of numbing creams or cooling agents.


Call Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic today to find out more about your available cellulite treatment choices. You can schedule a free cellulite treatment consultation at our Chandler or Scottsdale locations by calling 480-686-8121

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