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Breast Augmentation Provides Confidence For Women of All Ages

If you are concerned with the size of your breasts, or if they are too small, a breast augmentation may be the answer. Many patients have trouble feeling confident about their appearance because of aesthetic concerns. With a variety of treatment options available to patients, breast augmentation surgery may provide patients with the confidence they need to face the world. A plastic surgeon will customize the procedure to meet each patient’s unique aesthetic goals. Dr. Zavala and his team are committed to helping patients achieve their goals.

He performs breast augmentations

He performs breast augmentations for women of all ages. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Zavala welcomes questions from his patients. He strives to answer them in a manner that patients can understand. His extensive experience in breast augmentation has allowed him to consistently achieve great results, while also building a solid foundation of knowledge about breast implants and breast augmentation techniques. He has developed a patient-friendly practice that encourages confidence in patients of all ages.

He uses silicone gel implants

Before he performs breast augmentation surgery, you should know a few things. One of the main things you should know about implants is how they work. Generally, silicone implants are prefilled with silicone gel, making the process of surgery more straightforward. They are a popular option among plastic surgeons because of their low complication rates and natural look. During your consultation with a plastic surgeon, you should discuss all of the options available to you.

He uses saline implants

There are two types of breast augmentation procedures: saline and silicone. Dr. Zavala will discuss the benefits of each type and explain the differences between the two. You will also learn about the different placement techniques. Ultimately, Dr. Zavala will customize the surgery to your needs and goals. He will discuss the various options available, including how they will change the shape of your breasts. To find out if saline implants are right for you, schedule a consultation with him today.

He uses fat grafts

He uses fat grafts for breast enhancement because they last longer than traditional implants. Injecting the fat into the breasts is performed in increments and at different depths, so that it’s evenly distributed. This technique provides modest augmentation and improves the shape of the breast. He uses Puregraft centrifugal system to clean the fat before injecting it into the breasts.

He uses subglandular implants

Dr. Zavala performs subglandular breast augmentation for patients who want natural-looking results. This type of procedure places an implant beneath the pectoral muscle, which lies behind the breast gland. Women with thin upper breasts may benefit from this procedure, as it adds muscle thickness and helps create a smoother upper breast contour. In addition, the implant location is more discreet than submuscular augmentation, making it ideal for patients who want a natural look.

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